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[November] 11/26 - Monogram - MAC's annual couture collection, 11/30 - Perfect Style
[December] 12/26 - Dame Edna, Chill

November 25, 2008

MAC Exclusives and FREE SHIPPING!

If you're subscribed to receive MAC updates through email, then you'll see your inbox gleaming with another Free Shipping offer code (valid until December 1, 2008) as well as these two cute Store Exclusive sets!

Medium-sized red-orange patent brush canister with wine satin stripes. Includes five professional brushes featuring black gloss handles and a metallic red M∙A∙C logo: the 129SE, 219SE, 239SE, 266SE and the 316SE.

If you are just starting your brush collection and are low on dough, a MAC brush set like the Enchanting Vermillion is a perfect way to get your makeup gear up and running. Although the limited edition brushes are machine-made, unlike their full-size counterparts which are hand assembled, it is an excellent choice when it comes to having the popular MAC brushes already packaged together. They are also built in a more portable format which allows for easy purse stuffing!

Charming Garnet: Glamour Basics $40.00USD
A wine satin zip-around wallet with red-orange patent stripes. Includes regular-sized iridescent powder in Belightful, and Slimshine lipcolour in Bare. Features mini sizes of Eye Kohl, Ebony and Zoomlash Mascara in Zoomblack along with the 181SE Mini Buffer Brush. Limited edition.

This has got to be the BEST deal next to the brushes! The 181SE Mini Buffer Brush alone costs $30 (at least that's around what I paid for mine)! Also including the most raved about Belightful iridescent powder, and my all-time favorite Bare Slimshine (not to mention all the little samples!), I can see this hitting many want lists.

So order yours online and don't forget to enter "EXCLUSIVE" during checkout for Free Shipping!

Mrs. Lynne

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MAC Product Release: Monogram - MAC Couture Collection

Monogram your way through the fashionable world, with luxe lips and pressed powders in shades forged with sheer spark to sheer mystery. Fabulously favourite aire of style scent concentrate follows in your wake, back for a limited time only. Own the look internationally.

This luxury formula is smooth and rich. Silky lipstick that glides on with ease for medium buildable to full coverage with satiny shine. Lips feel soft and look rich and lustrous. When paired with the Monogram Lipgloss, the look is high shine and multi-dimensional.
Flourish Frosty mid-tone red
Marque Soft light neutral pink
All Mine Creamy mid-tone blue pink
Status Symbol Warm midtone reddish brown with pearl

High shine, super sheer lipgloss provides comfort and cushion. Lips feel soft and look lustrous. Brilliant gold sparkle flecks give a lustrous effect. A patent leather slick of shine; beautiful alone or paired with Monogram Lipstick.
Posh Life Mid-tone bright pink with gold pearl
Identity Pale baby pink with gold pearl
Distinguished Sheer yellow beige with gold pearl
Monodramatic Bronzy brown with gold pearl

A new shimmer powder for both eye and cheek.
Commemorate Frosted pale gold with gold pearl
Personal Touch Frosted light peach with pink pearl
Keepsake Frosted pale pink with gold pearl
Old English Frosted light bronze with gold pearl

An ultra-fine, super sheer, and very sophisticated pressed powder. "Mysteriously" silky-soft in texture, glides on to give skin a velvety matte, slightly luminous and altogether flawless finish.
Light Medium Pale ivory
Medium Plus Tan beige
Dark Secret Deep caramel

Two 15mL Air of Style fragrance bottles elegantly paired in one faux patent pouch.
Top Note White pepper, dried red dates, wild peonies
Middle Note Tuberose, orange blossom, jasmin, ylang-ylang, orris
Bottom Note Touch of leather, antique woods, vetiver, amber crystals, tonka beans


BRUSH (not shown)
129 Monogram Special Edition $45.00U.S./$54.00CDN Powder/Blush Brush
224 Monogram Special Edition Brush $35.00U.S./$42.00CDN Tapered Blending Brush

Available on November 26, 2008 at MAC Stores, all Saks locations, select Nordstrom locations and Henri Bendels.

Will you adding some couture to your collection this year?

Mrs. Lynne

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November 21, 2008

MAC Product Release: Metal Urge Swatches

If you were digging on MAC last year, you might have had the misfortune of buying some items from their Metal-X Cream Eyeshadow release like I did. They offered a vivid yet simple and basic array of color, but the results and usability of the product left many MAC fanatics disappointed - yes, me too!

Another year later and MAC is pushing it out again with another attempt at stardom. Will they succeed? You be the judge...

The Metal-X Cream Eyeshadows are fairly similar (if not exactly the same) to last year's release as far as the formula goes. Unfortunately, they didn't promote a nice purple color like last year's Plum Electric, but honestly, I don't think I'd bat another eyelash at taking one of these home with me. But I do give many credits to the colors Gilded Ash, Gold Spice, Forged Rose, and Verdigris. Those made me double think my purchasing decision, but I held strong and decided against it, hah!

The pigments are really pretty. I mean, when are they NOT. Gold Mode and Cocomotion are repromotes from prior releases (better get your mits on Cocomotion!) but Spiritualize is the new kid on the block and a handsome one at that.

If I had to choose one of the Reflects Glitter jars to buy, it would definitely be Reflects Bronze. It's so gorgeous in swatch and would go great in topping off any earthtone look. Reflects Duo Purple and Reflects Very Pink are more translucent so they purely just add sparkle to the application. And Reflects Blackened Red would look so lovely if mixed with some lipgloss and used to top off a number of lipsticks!

The Liquidlast Liners are just perfect. All are part of the permanent line with exceptions to Molten Sol (an intriguing coppery bronze) and Visionaire (a solid princess pink). These are definitely long lasting liners - hasn't budged off my arm yet! Green Play isn't part of the release but I swatched it just in case I read the line up incorrectly when I went in for swatching. Still pretty though, yah?

Did you find any attractions to the Metal Urge line or are you waiting to splurge on some of the MAC holiday gear?

Mrs. Lynne

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November 13, 2008

Product Review: CoverGirl's Queen Collection Natural Hue Minerals - Pressed Powder & Bronzer


Mineral-enriched formula controls shine 30% better than the leading pressed powder, for natural, even coverage that lasts for hours. Beautifully matches skin tones from Rich Sand to True Ebony-guaranteed.

Talc, Mica, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, PTFE, Lecithin, Methicone, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Silica, May Contain - Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide

At your local drugstore

Price: 4 of 5
Packaging: 5 of 5
Product Coverage: 4 of 5
Product Shine Control: 4 of 5
Product Texture: 4 of 5
Smell: 4 of 5
Overall: 4 of 5

Although it's only a pressed powder and not a foundation, I think it's relatively priced around what drugstore line pressed powders are going for nowadays. I would opt for the $5-7 pressed powder and $7-9 for a powder/liquid foundation, but that's just my personal preference when it comes to budget cosmetic lines that were around before my time.

The packaging ain't no cosmetic mansion, but it does provide the essentials. It's equipped with a sturdy and secure snap-close feature to prevent the spilling of any contents (but sadly not break-proof), a full compact size mirror, a moderately deep dish of powder, a soft sponge applicator, and a vented applicator holder to minimize the growth of bacteria.

Considering that CoverGirl's Natural Hue Minerals Pressed Powder is exactly that... a pressed powder, I wasn't expecting much as far as coverage goes. The coverage of the pressed powder was enough for my personal taste, but I would suggest using a concealer to spot treat any blemishes and/or scars, if you feel it's necessary, as the pressed powder has some coverage but not coverage like that of a foundation. In the pictures below, I didn't apply concealer to my face so that you can get a good idea on the coverage and can easily identify areas where concealer could have helped create a more even canvas (helloooo dark circles!).

I'll admit that the shine control was pretty impressive. I didn't do a very good job of documenting the shine control in using the CoverGirl's Natural Hue Minerals Pressed Powder (as you can tell by the "non-primered pictures" hah!) but on my other test runs with different brushes, the control was much better. It did hold its own pretty well going on 4+ hours. Normal t-zone oils but nothing that would cause someone to mistake me for a mirror. Just a nicely matted appearance and since I DO NOT do touch-ups throughout the day, it was great to not look so worn out so quickly!

CoverGirl's Natural Hue Minerals Pressed Powder applies rather smoothly to the skin and didn't seem to have any shimmer or sheen to it. I was sent Brown Bronze 2 which I thought would be around my color match, but in reality, it was a bit darker than I was expecting. I was able to blend out the color by just buffing it out more which allowed it to blend more naturally with my skin's natural color and undertones.

I really like that the product was solid in it's application and by that I mean it really planted itself on my skin for longevity, yet it was soft, breathable for the skin, and VERY lightweight!

If you've ever owned a compact from any company, that's exactly what the pressed powder smells like. It doesn't transfer to your skin, at least not that I can tell from my experience, but it does have slight aroma in the pan.

There are a variety of tools that can be used for application ranging from the provided sponge applicator to your choice of face powder brushes. For the pictures I used a flat top buffer brush which I normally use for my mineral foundation. I don't feel it did as good a job as I was hoping but did see better results when using a kabuki brush.


  • The ready-to-go compact
  • The spongle applicator vent
  • Being able to blend out the pressed powder with my natural skin color (even though it was a shade too dark)
  • Longer staying shine control
  • The powder was very lightweight on the skin and allowed my skin to breath without clogging
  • Didn't break out from it!

  • It might raise flags for some because it contains parabens.

It's a nice product. I really like that it's lightweight and smooths over nicely on my skin. The shine factor is great and I believe delivered on it's promise. The coverage for me was just right but for those needing a bit more coverage that a concealer won't help with, you might find a foundation to be more to your liking. Other than that, if you're in the CoverGirl aisle, it wouldn't hurt to give the Queen Collection Natural Hue Minerals Pressed Powder a try.

**Scroll to the bottom for actual face shots**



Mineral-enriched formula pampers skin and controls oil, for a sun-kissed glow without the shine. Beautifully matches skin tones from Rich Sand to True Ebony-guaranteed.

Talc, Mica, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Coco-Glycerides, PTFE, Lecithin, Methicone, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Silica, May Contain - Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide

At your local drugstore

Price: 3 of 5
Packaging: 2 of 5
Product Shine Control: 3 of 5
Product Texture: 3 of 5
Smell: 4 of 5
Overall: 3 of 5

This is another personal preference, but I'm not sure on paying almost $8 for the CoverGirl Natural Hue Minerals Bronzer. If it were almost $7, that would probably make me more inclined to impulse shop the item.

Let's just say that the CoverGirl Natural Hue Minerals Bronzer is a bachelorette with her own pad. No room for a mirror or an included application tool, just the striking dame herself. The simplistic packaging could be partly because bronzer touch-ups are rare... hmm.

My cheeks are an area that likes to self-promote attention through a method we'll call shine, or oil, if you like. It's really hard to say whether or not my shine was controlled from the pressed powder or the bronzer itself, but the CoverGirl Natural Hue Minerals Bronzer does contain silica which helps in oil control. I'm left to believe that if you don't wear any sort of face coverage, that the bronzer helps to keep the oil in check and added protection for those that do wear some sort of coverage under.

The CoverGirl Natural Hue Minerals Bronzer has a bit of shimmer to it which gives the appearance of being "sun-kissed". I personally am more of a blush person than a bronzer gal, but for the folks looking to have that tanned edge even when the sun isn't out, might find the bit of shimmer beneficial to their likings. The shimmer is not chunky at all, just a subtle touch of dazzle to enhance the overall facial glow.

Another normal compact cosmetic aroma.

My brush of choice for applying this product was a moderate head powder brush like the MAC 129. If I happened to pick up a bronzer that was a shade too dark, I'd probably reach for a duo-fiber brush like the MAC 187/MAC 188 so that I could keep the darkness of the color under control, yet wearable.

  • Didn't break out from it!
  • Simple packaging which means more room in the makeup bag.
  • Subtle shimmer may be great for those are looking for that extra "sun-kissed" glow.
  • Color blends well with skin making it more natural appearing.

  • It might raise flags for some because it contains parabens.
  • Some may not like the shimmer as it may make darker skintones glisten a bit more than liked.

I don't believe this is a must-get product unless you're looking to have a bronzer on hand. I would say get a nice blush and smile!

The following pictures are using the two products WITH a face primer. The pressed powder is a shade darker than what I am naturally which is why the bronzer is hardly noticeable.

The following pictures are using the two products WITHOUT a face primer. Again, the pressed powder is a shade darker than what I am naturally which is why the bronzer is hardly noticeable.


Mrs. Lynne

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October 22, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Tyke!

In Hawai'i, 1st birthday celebrations are HUGE. Folks will spend grands on the event because back in the day, little babies sadly weren't even making it to the "big one". So, if your child made it to their first birthday, it was a very big deal.

But in any case, birthdays should always be a big deal, at least for the little ones. Once you turn 21, then uh... it starts to taper in celebrations, hah.

So I'd like to give the spotlight to my babes for trucking hard this past year. For taking on the world full swing and for reminding me how crucial it is to enjoy each day carefree and without regret. To smile, to laugh, to cry... and to not fret over a turned over bowl full of pureed baby food finding it's way into every nook and cranny other than a hungry mouth. And for making me more obsessed about my skin since yours looks sooo much better than mine, lol! (I WANT!!)

Ok, serious though. It's been an enduring yet humbling experience for me to realize what it takes to be a parent and to be a success-in-progress at that, which I am by far on the latter. You remind me that simple is always impressive and that even though you don't always get your way, there's always a loving compromise. You have the most heartfelt laugh that makes me melt every time and teeth that make me realize you're not a baby anymore. You are another perfect piece in my life and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

And my dear son, no matter how many lemons are thrown our way... whether it be another move, daddy going to school, or having to find another job that will make sure you and your brother will be taken cared of, MAMA WILL MAKE LEMONADE!!

I love you!

Awaited Moment: Yay! Your 1st birthday has come and I can FINALLY cut your hair... no more "awww... what a cute little girl" even though you're clearly wearing BLUE :)

Hope everyone enjoyed their Hump Day! Cheers!

Mrs. Lynne

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October 20, 2008

Base Trial: Kryolan RMG Palette OVER UPDD

Slightly oily lids
Double eyelid on the left-side
Lid skin is slightly loose
Sensitive eyes
Crease prone near tear ducts

The following base trial is based on Kryolan's Mini RMG Palette used OVER Urban Decay Primer Potion. This product is a special castor oil based grease paint which is used a lot in theatre and stage makeup.

My good friend, Cannice, had swiped up some good finds from Kryolan back when some of their products were on sale. And since she hardly uses them, I asked her if I could test them out and put them to use.

In this container of finds was the 16-Color Kryolan Mini RMG Palette. I've been doing research online since the palette was unlabeled, but it looks close to the palette shown here. I'm not sure if it's the EXACT one since the palette I have is quite old and the colors or color order is slightly different, but for the sake of getting a visual on the product I used, this is pretty close, if not exact.

I "read" through the land of makeup talk that the Kryolan palettes are a bit more creamy in consistency in contrast to Mehron products which I "read" are more tacky. The creamy consistency of the 16-Color Kryolan Mini RMG Palette is definitely the cause of the crease-city you're about to witness. And this was OVER Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Everyone's eyelids are different, but this is how my experience was with it.

Within the hour of doing my makeup, I was sad to find out the eyeshadow color near and around my crease area had faded as well as the evident line of creasing smack across my eyelid. I was going to a birthday party and I hadn't even left yet and my eyes were looking unfashionably tow' up!! So needless to say that I tried not to blink while I was there, hah! Oh, it was not cute you guys... :( It was a kid's birthday party though so at least half the party-goers had no clue, lol!

But don't take my word for it, see for yourself...

Kryolan Mini RMG Palette OVER Urban Decay Primer Potion

Color payoff
The color payoff in my opinion is really nice. I had used a nice strong purple from the Kryolan RMG Palette and placed MAC Electra e/s (silver) over it and the purple had turned the silver into this glistening lavendar color. Absolutely gorgeous!

Crease Factor
I'm sorry. When it creases before the hour, I am not all over it. I'm actually still rather hurt that I had allowed myself to be seen under such creasing conditions, lol!!! But seriously. This creased rather easily. Perhaps if I used less or even used my finger for application, there would have been different (better?) results, but I didn't and it didn't deem itself worthy. We're not friends yet...

Ease of use/blending
Due to the creamier nature of the Kryolan Mini RMG Palette, blending does work well.

Firm bristles brushes like the MAC 242 or 252, or the MAC 239 will work also.

Using it this way is great if you have...
Dry eyelids!

Using it this way is not so great if you have...
eyelids that are oily unless you like showcasing a little fashion streak across the lid. Then by all means, more power to you :)

I'll probably give it another shot just to see if I can make it work. But this time, I'm not wearing it out to another special occassion. Nah-uh, nope... hah!

Here's the famous "crease" shot:

Totally not pretty, huh? I don't know why I'm smiling. I ain't happy about it, LOL!

Has anyone else messed around with the Kryolan RMG Palette or their products in general? Did creasing happen for you also?

Mrs. Lynne

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October 17, 2008

Baby Tyke's Birthday Around the Corner!

Baby Tyke's 1st birthday is just around the corner (already?!) and I need to get the favors done this weekend since the party is next Saturday and Hubbo starts work this Monday. Remember his debut not so long ago? Time sure did fly!

Well, I didn't want to turn his first birthday into a Halloween party since he really should enjoy the day as his own and not in co-ops with a holiday but I just couldn't help but work Halloween into the favors. I mean, why not prep the kids, right? Anyhow, we'll save the full-blown Halloween party for another birthday party if he wants.

The favors are going to be so cute!! Not everything is done but I'll share with you just a little piece of what I've been working on. There isn't much now but there are tons of other cute things to follow.

I'm trying to get a proper head count of all the tiny attendees because I'm planning on personalizing/customizing the Halloween buckets... OOPS!! Did I just slip, hah ;) Mind wandering yet?

Ok, so far I have the name tags printed...

This project is really simple. The only time consuming part is actually cutting the name tags out. And yes, I did cut them EACH out. I have a slight indentation on my thumb from gripping tight on the scissors to maintain control, lol. But basically, I used a Word document, added color and gradient to one of their shape drawings, and typed out each name. Printed it on glossy photo paper and voila!!...

On the beauty flipside, my skin is really disliking the colder weather. It's getting dry yet I'm still oily! Hrmm... combo representin'! ;)

This is my "Incomplete Because I'm Lazy After Lunch" look, haha. I honestly rarely touch-up throughout the day, as you can tell by the lack of lip color. Although I will admit that I blotted with a tissue prior to this shot, I'm not really BFFs with my skin right now :P

Well, only half an hour to spare and I've been twittering to my hearts content. Have a great weekend everyone!

Mrs. Lynne

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